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The vibrancy of soulful unity and organic music-making radiates from the outset, as artist MATT B explores his ancestral African roots, with the stunning new album ALKEBULAN.

Introduced by a choir of cascading, intertwining voices and melodies, with a simple hand rhythm and threads of brightness and calm all infused amidst a brief yet uplifting progression, BUYA EKHAYA lays the foundation well, for what proves a deeply moving, interesting and refreshingly unique project.

Unconfined by genre and leading with both natural musicianship and skillful production, GUNJALE then brings through rhythm and bass, for a dance-ready, poetic and reflective sing-along of short lines and infectious positivity.

FREEDOM follows and lights up the more cinematic, Gospel-style energy and humanity of the opener once again. World-music traits and longer-form, RnB-style melodies meet with a euphoric sense of possibility.

Translating to Mother of Mankind, or Garden of Eden, ALKEBULAN is thought to be the ancient and indigenous name of Africa prior to its colonization. As such, this album celebrates homecoming and ancestral connection, with stories of experience and travel, alongside sonic elements from Namibia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Nigeria, and more.

The collection promises ten original tracks of clear gratitude and honour. The purity and freedom of the arrangements meets with a certain professionalism that allows every song to raise the mood and connect for its optimism and oneness.

SALETEMA inspires energetic escapism with its catchy groove, appearing as both dance-floor ready and a perfect dose of warmth and comfort whenever you need it – complete with a slick guitar solo and superb panning for that vastness and community feel.

Later Matt B injects a little style and swagger with the likes of a self-motivational SHINING, before the upbeat presence and hook of GIMME LOVE invites the body to move all the more so.

We then shift into a more contemplative, romantic ballad of sorts, for the smooth and intoxicating JOLENE, with the subsequent pop stylings of a Disney-esque, full-band IJO and the brilliantly anthemic SHAYO raising the roof afterwards.

Wrapping things up are the softly seductive vocals and subtle funk tones of an imaginative, inspiring OGALA TRAVELER.

Featuring a selection of talented and passionate singers and musicians, ALKEBULAN acts as both a timeless playlist of joyful grooves, and a fine testament to the connections between musical styles, influences and eras. A wonderful project that lights up the space it fills.

Released on FYC by MoPromo – download or stream ALKEBULAN. Find Matt B on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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