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MASUMI Run Baby, Run


There’s an incredibly deep level of thoughtfulness to MASUMI’s songwriting, which greatly appeals for its introverted and questioning perspective, but which also contrasts intensely with the somewhat mighty and passionate leading vocal performance she uses to drive this release through.

Run Baby, Run is a stunning song, masterfully crafted so as to hold tight to your attention throughout, and offering multiple layers of personality and openness that allow you to feel an immediate connection with the artist. You’re able to draw your own meanings from these notably vague statements, essentially taking something very personal and making it your own. As is the calling card of a great song – a piece of artistic expression that’s incredibly intimate and honest but that simultaneously allows a wider audience to access and understand it; to take it on as being purely for them.

MASUMI as an artist brings through a powerful fusion between the organic music world and that which is more commonly associated with trip-hop or ambient electronica. As you witness this song unfolding, things move from the delicate to the intense within a few short minutes, and every step of that process is beautifully supported by the instrumentation and the artist’s own vocal delivery. In addition though, and multiplying the effect even further, the accompanying video adds plenty in the way of giving audiences a clear image or idea of MASUMI as a creative.

The visuals are as stunning as the song itself, and everything has been softly captured so as to lay out the bare emotions of the song and to draw your focus to the genuine connection between the words and the feelings behind them. In other words, the song and the video together clearly express something very true for the artist presenting them, and this gives it so much more value than something written purely to entertain. I can’t wait to hear more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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