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Having already made a strong impression with her beautiful single Chasing Red Lights, the Mary Oz name has naturally stuck out in memory, and as the latest single SWLYB hits the scene, the reasons for that multiply intensely.

Beautifully original, organic and stripped-back, melodically fresh, creatively interesting – SWLYB offers a fearless expression of regret and self-error; a long-form exploration of admitting fault, understanding one’s own mistakes, and working hard to become someone better.

The track moves from intriguing indie verses to a beautifully nostalgic and bright resolve, effectively twisting subtle hints of influence from the likes of both Ani Difranco and Paula Cole. Ultimately though, this web or choir of voices, the strength of the set-up – the sheer power in captivating her audience with only a microphone, an acoustic guitar, and a few humble production traits, all helps light up the distinctly thoughtful and enchanting sound of Mary Oz in its own arena entirely.

The writing feels genuine, the melody intoxicates, and the subject matter inspires. Mary Oz is carving out her own carefree lane in modern music, and the songs speak volumes on behalf of that.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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