Mary Hill - Mi Boca (Feat. Salvo Riggi) - Stereo Stickman

Mary Hill Mi Boca (Feat. Salvo Riggi)


What a great track, quickly entrancing and addictive in everything from the natural groove of that tribal-like beat to the cool and calm ear-worm quality of that leading vocal line. The doubled-vocal effect perhaps gives the song’s hook even more weight, creating an inviting and anthem-like aura that’s impossible to ignore. Either way, the simple intricacies that have crafted this release all work beautifully together to offer something stylish and original, creatively dark yet expressive and hypnotic as it pours through.

Even without the comfort of my own home language, the energy and flow of a song like this, flawlessly performed and produced, is a pleasure to be swept away by. You get a certain feeling from the track, a sense of reflection and depth – not simple colour or meaningless joy. There’s an air of realness to it all, which in turn creates the perfect arena of quiet and calm as you face your own thoughts on the world or even just the day.

The simple switch from the lower notes of the hook to the higher ones during the last two lines is an easy yet incredibly effective creative choice. This subtle evolution suits the style and movement of the song really well. These humble details, these flickers of character, all work towards an appealing and immersive rhythm that’s superbly infectious and very easy to recognise even after only a single listen.

Nothing over the top or flashy is needed, there’s just enough of everything – a hint of reverb, a fine balance between organic and electronic musicianship, and a performance that feels genuinely connected to the words and the vibe at hand. Considering the professionalism on top of the passionate approach to composition, it’s likely there will be a whole lot more music to look forward to from these artists.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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