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Mario Marco Farinato People Get Ready


Mario Marco Farinato is, first of all, an artist and one-man-band extraordinaire, performing in this particular video an entire composition created by himself, using two guitars, a blues-harp, and a voice. The video gives you an up close and personal insight into the skill and passion that went into crafting this music, and from the crisp, clarity of the sound, to the multiple angles at which these clips were captured, there’s an ever increasing awareness of how much skill and effort has really gone into this.

Without the additional information of course, or without the video – the average listener can only hope to stumble upon the music and get something out of it, personally. In my opinion, this music – this songwriting, this performance – is beautiful. The applied unison between the guitar riff and the harmonica introduces things gorgeously. The whole ambiance has a soulful blues vibe fused with a world-music inspired edge, and when the leading voice comes into play, and the lyrics, something of a country or folk-rock aura appears. All in all, this combination of influences is inspiring as well as calming to witness.

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Mario Marco Farinato’s abilities as a musician are mesmerising, though it’s his passion or emotional input that really helps it shine – as opposed to merely showing off with speed or volume. The experience is entrancing because the intensity rises and falls away in the most natural, deeply human manner. The story telling is peaceful, accessible, captivating. The imagery contrasts, in a way, with the softness of the music, and the artist’s characterful, open and honest performance is the absolute icing on the cake.

This is one of several videos and songs available on the artist’s Youtube channel – a corner of the internet to which you can very easily and happily donate a half hour or so to witness pure and heartfelt creativity. Highly recommended and a live show is a must.

Find & follow Mario Marco Farinato on Facebook & Soundcloud. Visit his Website for more information.

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