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Margarita Shamrakov Left Me All Alone (Feat. Theo Mann)


Start the day with a euphoric arrangement of evocative melodies, colourful synths and upbeat rhythms, as Margarita Shamrakov and Theo Mann deliver the deeply moving, soulful and immersive Left Me All Alone.

Featuring multiple layers of voice, softly harmonized amidst an otherwise nostalgic EDM progression, Left Me All Alone features poetic and heartfelt lyrics that meet with a dreamy presentation and melancholic tune with faultless relevance.

The whole thing delivers a smooth and genuine vocal thread for listeners to connect with, as well as superb production that’s quick to embrace its audience in a contrastingly comforting, calming fashion.

Showcasing skill in both songwriting and performance, as well as seamless ability in the sound-design realm, the humility of Left Me All Alone is perhaps what allows its central sentiment and mood to rain down with such presence and warmth. The single appears both heartbreaking and understanding as it reaches out with humanity and depth – a fine testament to the devotion and artistry of both producer Margarita Shamrakov and singer Theo Mann.

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Rebecca Cullen

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