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Marcus Christ You Knew That


Marcus Christ’s You Knew That comes as a melodic meeting of rap and r&b. The verses offer a detailed account of the track’s concept and the experiences that led to the storytelling. There’s a lot of lyricism, the verses have the extended length of rap, yet this echoed melody used to express it adds a certain alternative edge that gives the track character.

The backing track featured showcases a structurally thoughtful piece of music that again fuses the thickness of a mellow hip-hop beat and the electric energy of a synth driven wave of riffs. The opening few bars of music and indeed the final few moments re-iterate the clever use of structure within the production. The leading artist’s vocal performance on top of the mix however is the primary driving force behind the song and its sentiment, and it’s this that you’re likely to take away from the experience after listening.

There’s definitely a further sense of character and individuality to the performance. Elsewhere within Marcus Christ’s releases this same thread of individuality continues to show itself – If I Die Tonight is a strong example. This manic fusion of vocal parts is something you come to expect from the musician and songwriter. The lyrics follow a certain pathway that shows itself to be a lasting trait of his work.

There’s a distinct level of hip-hop inspired energy and style to Marcus Christ’s music, though the influence of other genres comes through in his use of melody, in the instrumentation portrayed in the mix, and quite often in the subject matter and the way certain ideas are expressed. The independence and individuality of his work is something that speaks volumes.

Now I’m wonderin’ where your heart is
Girl I love you but you’re heartless.

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