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Marcus Christ If I Knew


Marcus Christ returns in 2018 to bring audiences a deeply personal track with multiple layers of vocals that help bring out the emotional intensity of its subject matter. The rap verses are where the story lies, the depth, the honesty, and for the most part – the vocal skills of the artist, the ability to entertain and keep things moving and forever evolving. The story-line comes through in a realistic way during these verses, and the beat has a very classic hip hop style to it that represents the struggle and the darkness effectively.

The song’s hook is what kicks things off on this release, the concept takes shape a little later on, but this melodic, multi-vocal moment has a lot of volume to it. The opening riff of the song works well and really adds to that classic or vintage hip hop feel – it brings a fairly haunting ambiance about, as well as giving you something to really recognise the track by. Then when it comes to the writing, the expression, Marcus Christ doesn’t hold back – the lyrics appear as genuine thoughts and experiences, presented in an authentic and believable way; the sort of music that means something to the artist first, therefore striking as a little more poignant for those who witness it.

Marcus Christ’s music definitely takes a little of what is well known or powerful in hip hop, musically speaking, and fuses it with his own take on expression and performance. Certain moments within the verses flow really well, and as stated – that real emotion that is the underlying essence of the song is detectable throughout. The song has the potential to hit hard, perhaps in a live setting the passion would be further intensified.

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