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Marc Ambrosia Unleashed


Having heard Marc Ambrosia’s music a few years back, via his single Let Me Be Your Secret, I was more than a little excited to hear where creativity had taken him for this latest full-length album. Fortunately, the new project, Unleashed, makes for a refreshing playlist that refuses to disappoint.

Marc Ambrosia’s songwriting style and indeed his vocal tone and delivery, all lean in a decidedly honest and endearing, emotional direction. Nowhere do these qualities shine more brightly than throughout the album Unleashed. 

Offering a string of pop classics but with a notably organic and potentially acoustic backbone, his authenticity as an artist manages to stand tall amidst quickly engaging, memorable melodies, and poetic lyricism that delves deep into thoughtful concepts.

The unmistakable Let Me Be Your Secret kicks off the project and is all of this and more – beginning with minimalism and delicacy, the song goes on to present the full warmth of an uplifting pop ballad with a creatively unique edge. This quality that runs throughout the playlist. Marc’s voice and the fact that you know you can expect considerate and reflective songwriting are the main threads in an otherwise eclectic and impossible to predict collection of original songs.

Picture Of A Girl follows the opener and immediately showcases a deeply personal story-line and an intimate setting that lets Marc’s consistently passionate and honest leading vocal deliver a genuine and compelling letter to a significant other. Details meet with accessible turmoil that lets the song connect in a profound and distinctly human manner. Bleed afterwards injects a quickly seductive rhythm and groove – short lines help build a soulful and easily recognisable track.

Keeping that creative eclecticism at the forefront of the experience, Pisces and The Scorpio sees the mood shift entirely. A blissful acoustic ambiance accompanies a vibrato vocal style that appears to tremble amidst such personal longing. Afterwards, the Gospel-style fullness of One Step Back hits with incredible impact. For a song of separation or space, this kind of choir-like setting is rare – again reinforcing the unpredictable, free-flowing nature of Marc Ambrosia’s songwriting.

Painting The Shape Of My Heart holds on to that Gospel vibe and builds up brilliantly – highlighting the flawlessly meandering abilities of Marc’s leading voice in a beautiful way. Then you get the raw and mildly tribal rhythm and tones of World With You – a quickly likable, upbeat and potentially mainstream song that doesn’t take anything too seriously. A definite highlight for how easy it is to get swept away by the melody and the scene being set. A great song, designed to make you feel better.

Delicacy returns for the acoustic guitar picking and folk aura of Garden Of The Vine. A hint of Americana-like style then meets with retro electro-pop and a gathering of voices for the passionate weight of I Believe In Destiny. Following this, The Hardest Part sees artistry and poetic reflection lead the way – a personal song that again displays vulnerability and realness, slowly building up from quietly thoughtful to emotionally bold and immersive.

The album comes to a close with the surprisingly piano-led, soulful ballad that is Send The Hurt Away. While there’s plenty of difficulty and emotional struggle detailed throughout the project, this song ends things on a high – feeling optimistic, intentional, still honest and reflective of truth, but attempting to believe in better. Marc Ambrosia’s natural passion for and connection to performance stands tall at this final hurdle, engaging his audience and reminding you that a live show would likely prove all the more captivating.

It’s not an easy life, but it’s a life we choose. 

Unleashed is a powerful album, from an artist with an unquestionable talent and love for songwriting and musicianship.

Stream Unleashed on Soundcloud. Find & follow Marc Ambrosia on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud & Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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