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Marc Ambrosia Edge


Singer and songwriter Marc Ambrosia returns with a fitting edge of emotive identity, for this stunningly delicate to passionate new album of originals.

Aptly-titled given the shift in presence and power that is even just the opening song When I’m Craving Love, Edge promises sublime musicianship, blissfully expressive and often heartbreakingly gentle vocals, and fearlessly vulnerable lyricism.

The opening song rises up through the intensities of passion in a boldly compelling way. Marc delivering perhaps his most engaging performance yet – and this is only the beginning of the album. Raw energy and emotion guide us, alongside the simple looping of guitar and subtle rhythm. It’s a mighty start.

Second Chance follows and the mood is lighter, paired guitars of two separate tones and fingerstyles, a folk-esque rhythmic kick bringing the pace, and paired vocals of poetic observations as things evolve.

Known as the indie artist blending folk tendencies with Gospel-style vocals and grittier alternative lyrics and structures, Marc Ambrosia maintains that twist of character throughout, gifting a broadly accessible array of soundscapes but with just enough attitude, angst and unexpected redirections to reach out for the underground audiences.

From intricate picking to the simple acoustic strum, Million Little Reasons shifts gears again, bursting through with brightness as it ultimately finds its groove and offers up a memorable hook. Lyrically the song again marches to the beat of its own drum, showcasing an artist unafraid to be honest about both his desires and his downfalls.

Edge is largely comprised of these qualities, and the voice in both tone and lyric becomes unmistakable across fifteen tracks. From the sensitivity of Fragile through the knees-up, near-pop-punk devotion of Feelings Don’t Die (an infectious highlight), to the piano-led ballad warmth that is What If I’m Right, the set-up is often familiar, but the details and delivery appear fresh.

Other highlights include the cinematic, atmospheric embrace of So Damn Sad and Your Dark Eyes, and the pop-rock bounce of an unforgettable Cold Shoulder. Daughter Of The Water is also a beautifully uplifting anthem for intimacy and love, and the sudden folk-Americana appeal of Say You Love Me (Before You Go) hits with awesome impact afterwards.

In short, Marc Ambrosia has poured a multitude of emotions, stories and moods into this project, and consistently presents these with his most skilful and soulfully passionate performances. A fine collection of heartfelt, deeply moving and musically impressive songs.

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