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Manu Francois The Whole Sum


Creative production and brilliantly anthem-like, rhythmic vocals work in unison to help make this one of the freshest and most memorable alternative hip hop tracks to hit the scene this year.

Featuring epically unpredictable sound-design from producer LIPSKI (New Zealand), with Manu Francois (NZ) and Lewy ‘Skatterbrain’ Gargan (UK) on the mic, The Whole Sum blends haunting synths and samples amidst a heavy, fast-paced beat and varied vocals that keep things moving and progressing from start to finish.

Always the track resolves with that hook concept, the refrain of the title, and this, on top of the dynamic created by the two rappers – different sounds, styles, stories – allows the whole thing to hit with impact and repeatedly satisfy as it pours through at volume.

While the creative presentation is notably refreshing and contemporary, there’s also a nostalgic strength and sense of freedom to this that tips its hat to the legends of the underground scene from a decade or two ago.

The track has clear intention, purpose, and energy – nothing is there simply as filler – it’s been crafted with meaning, and performed with faultless levels of passion, personality and drive; all of which ties in perfectly with the underlying concept.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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