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Mandy Rowden Sing Hallelujah


Fresh from a brand new upcoming album, led by piano and delicate, authentic vocals, Mandy Rowden’s Sing Hallelujah proves a heartfelt, raw and intimate portrayal of human depth, difficulty, and determination.

Sing Hallelujah invites certain presumptions based on its title, but what you find within is entirely its own thing – a powerful song of self-empowerment and possibility, unity, which builds up from softness to absolute weight and warmth.

This progression is highlighted not only by the instrumental set-up – these incoming strings and the crash of the drums, the additional layers – but also by the increasing passion, volume and soul in Mandy’s vocal lead. Given that all piano, guitar and violin present on the track were performed by the artist herself, the entire release stands tall on this natural passion and strength that is Mandy’s connection to the song.

In many ways, the hook feels like its own song entirely – a moment of absolute brightness, overcoming the struggles of the verses, celebrating strength and a belief in better; in the light that follows the dark.

Throw in a well-placed, classic guitar solo during the final third, followed by a brief return to the intimacy and calm of the introduction, and one last explosion into the chorus, and what you get is a mighty anthem of optimism and oneness.

It’s a song that intrigues for its unique vocals and clear sense of vulnerability in the lyrics, and later connects for its fine use of certain renowned building blocks that allow songs to reach a broader audience. Beautifully done.

Grab the music via Bandcamp. Check out Mandy Rowden on Facebook, Spotify, Twitter & Instagram or visit her Website.

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