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Mandy McMillan Haven’t We All Been


Mandy McMillan’s return this season brings a beautifully ambient, classic country set-up that’s quick to calm the room.

Featuring a dreamlike wash of reverb over the entire instrumental, Haven’t We All Been feels like a timeless classic from the outset – pairing subtle guitar work with thoughtful, gentle vocals, and a poetically reflective, heartfelt hit of song-writing.

Perhaps shining a brighter light than ever on Mandy’s natural talent and considerate way with performance, the single stands tall on the strength of its integrity, emotion, and somewhat humble addressing of the subject matter and style. There’s a subtlety to the whole set-up and delivery, which allows the song to connect with ease – there’s nothing fancy, no filler, just the writing and the singer’s own clear relationship with it.

Reigniting the country-pop softness and colour of a simpler time, as well as drawing focus to inclusive lyricism, and vocals that meander beautifully through various ups and downs – whilst maintaining a softly recognisable tone and style – Haven’t We All Been resolves gorgeously, and makes for a warming, instantly likable new single, with an impressively organic arrangement.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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