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Man From Object: R525L Dance Among You (Diac Immortal Records)


MFO: R525L returns this summer to bring music fans the classic and skillfully crafted embrace of a nostalgic yet refreshing EDM soundscape. Dance Among You kicks in with the colourful and quickly uplifting aura of underground house fused with a near trip-hop-like delicacy and warmth.

The track ebbs and flows in terms of intensity and energy levels, appearing to breathe in and out, or wash over you in waves of varying detail and depth. Being thoroughly rooted among the dawn of the art-form, the seven-minute-plus journey makes for an easy go-to for dance fans in just about any setting. As a mild wake-up call, an introduction to your day, the track brings a sense of pace and brightness, but not in an aggressive or overly distracting manner. Thanks to professionalism walking hand-in-hand with creativity, the release has been built in a manner that lets it slowly but surely envelop you – providing a subtle pacemaker for your day, or kicking off the weekend in a slow-burning but ultimately energizing manner.

Hypnotic and entrancing dance vibes are met with thoughtful soundscape design to offer something that evolves throughout but also maintains a level of calming familiarity – certain threads that hold you close throughout. A worthy return and a superb new single to get lost within as the summer swings into view.

Single out June 14th. Find & follow Man From Object: R525L on Instagram. Check out the label via Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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