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Major Moment Before It’s Too Late


Major Moment tackle the mundane with this latest single and lyric video release. Their lyrics and the overall mood of the music reflects feelings of discontent and confusion – a society lacking direction or purpose. The rush of our routine directly connects to this concept of the rat race, not leaving ourselves free to consider the truth or to ponder and discuss ideas about the greater good or the underlying point of existence. It’s a heavy topic, but they’re a heavy band and more than equipped to tackle it.

Major Moment have a sound that made certain times of day unmissable back when MTV as a TV channel ruled the roost. This melodic hard rock, emotional and gritty, truthful and poetic, thoughtful and intense – these striking guitar riffs, powerful yet finely and precisely crafted; this is what’s been missing from mainstream music lately. The band have written something from the heart, and their skills as musicians and as a unit are unquestionable – the indication and hope is that a live show would be all the more mesmerizing.

The song’s lyrics are far from ground-breaking in the ideas they express and the manner in which they do so, but the point of this is that it makes it all accessible – there’s nothing complicated, everything is suggested in an easy to gather manner, so any and every listener can relate and can choose to ponder these thoughts with the band as the song pours out around them. The soundscape makes for the perfect environment in which to consider all of this and our own roles within it. When you listen at volume, there’s an energizing effect to the song, and this – in line with the lyrics – gets you seriously wondering if there’s more to life than the simple routines we fall into.

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Rebecca Cullen

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