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Magnus Mason NEVERLAND


Mellow rhythms and a dreamlike, trip-hop-inspired soundscape back up equally quiet, calming and introspective vocals for Magnus Mason’s deeply hypnotic single NEVERLAND.

Just one of a handful of new releases, the track softly speaks volumes on behalf of poetic integrity, passion and dedication to the process – weaving around listeners a personal outpouring of honest uncertainty.

All the while, varied flows and an entrancing back and forth between melody and rap – a rise and fall, wave or breath-like delivery of ideas and changing tones – help make this a captivating and easy to connect with performance.

Magnus Mason’s near-whispered and doubled vocal style proves a consistent thread throughout his tracks – as does his uniquely detailed way with story-telling and scene-setting. SOMEDAY showcases this all the more so, yet also welcomes in a softly pop-soaked and strangely creative piece that effectively highlights a whole other side to his artistic reach. Always there’s a clear level of passion driving each delivery and composition – an underlying depth that means something very real to the artist, and thus connects for its purity.

WORTH IT is another that shines light on a fresh side of the Magnus Mason sound. A somewhat haunting, industrial track, with plenty of unexpected sound-play to back up heavily compounded vocals that march through with rising intensity and weight.

A dark and unsettling single, again worth more than one listen to grasp every lyric – these short-form rhyming repeats quickly envelop listeners, but there’s novelty in the scheme that hits harder than the full story at first. The more you listen, the more you hear. And once again we get that near-melodic rap style – the chord patterns connecting with the vocal, the rise and fall, that wave-like level of hypnosis.

Having been featured in a number of music blogs already, Magnus Mason has well and truly found his own style and sound with these releases, and 2021 can only promise even greater things.

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