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Madelyn Victoria Hold On


Beginning with a fairly mighty yet mellow guitar riff, acoustic yet effected in a slightly retro, indie-rock manner, creating plenty of space and an air of creativity for what will follow – Madelyn Victoria’s Hold On starts as it means to go on. It’s a brilliant piece of music and performance. The song that bursts into life following the intro has a fantastic shine to it in every respect.

As the soundscape grows, the country aura of the music emerges more and more – the flicker of a distant, reverb soaked second guitar, the rhythm, the strings, the bass, the melody, and indeed the leading artist’s vocal tone and style. The track has the nostalgic warmth of any well written and heartfelt country rock song, but it also has a very gentle and genuine energy to it. The singer’s performance in itself has an authentic and fairly humble feel, not demanding attention, merely expressing the sentiment of the song with absolute accuracy and realness. It’s a pleasure to listen to for these qualities, you’re not pulled in from afar by some overly loud or boisterous element, as is often the way with mainstream pop releases. Instead, the simple beauty of the music and the essence of the song’s story-line provide a glow that subtly but surely surrounds you in a comforting and enjoyable manner.

Hold On is memorable in a modest sort of way, and it showcases an unquestionably talented artist from whom there will hopefully be many more releases of the same high standard in the coming months and years. This particular song is the sort that would be an immediately comforting hit each and every time it came through on the playlist. Well written, gorgeously performed, perfectly produced.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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