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Mack Strong Struggle, feat. Whitney Compton (prod. by DKeezy)


Struggle is a powerful new single that really holds fast to your attention from the moment it starts to play. On a musical level, the sound has the mellow rhythm of hip-hop, paired with a slightly joyful synth riff that leaves a stamp of identity early on in the recording. It’s an immediately enjoyable ambiance and it comes with a sense of optimism or hopefulness that really feeds into the underlying concept of the song and this idea of overcoming difficulties, of keeping your head up.

From a songwriting perspective, the set-up and lyricism of the track are equally impressive. The structure is well thought out and forever interesting, switching from the smoothness of the melodic vocal part, to the quickness and intensity of the rap, to the blissful calmness of the later sections of the song. The performances rise and fall in the line with the music, and it’s captivating to witness it all unfolding.

Mack Strong has a hugely recognisable voice that delivers the passion and sentiment of this song brilliantly. Furthermore, Whitney Compton’s vocal performance is stunning, soulful and equally passionate – further emphasizing those inherent values and creating a solid contrast with the voice presented elsewhere. In addition to all of this, the music works hard to consistently represent the ideas and the truth within – hence the earlier comment about how strong the set-up is. DKeezy’s production is all at once creative and professional, bringing out the brightness of the music as well as keeping your focus on those voices and those lyrics when necessary.

The vibe of the whole track works well in making certain you remember and recognise it later on, and on top of this – it’s incredibly easy to enjoy. This ongoing feeling of possibility is powerful, and the way this release has been written, arranged, recorded and produced, makes for a hugely compelling few minutes of audio. The accompanying video adds beautifully to the truth and authenticity of the single.

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