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Mack Strong Man in The Mirror


Mack Strong’s follow-up to The Struggle is a track that dives a little deeper into the solution or possibilities, driving with self-empowerment and strength, rather than difficulties or barriers. The song is as passionate and emotionally poignant as ever, showcasing Mack’s sound and his values in equal parts. The music brings through a soul-ballad aura with a subtle but memorable piano riff that lingers after listening and is easily recognisable.

Mack’s sense of character comes through more than ever on this release, his performance is exactly this – a performance, not merely a reading of lyrics – he throws himself into the moment, offering a level of fearlessness and an original sounding voice and style that work well in making sure you know who he is. His name says it all, he pushes forward with this belief in being strong, and that strength is what connects with listeners who need a guiding light in the music they turn to. The journey can be long, the dreams can seem far away or even out of reach sometimes, but to follow someone along on that road to the top is fascinating, empowering in itself, and if this and the last single are anything to go by – Mack Strong isn’t an artist who will be giving up any time soon.

There’s a unique tone to Mack’s voice, his delivery style as well seems far more loaded with character than the majority of modern day hip hop releases. It could mean that his sound falls into a particular niche, reaching out to a small but undeniably supportive audience, or it could mean that it breaks through those walls and offers something refreshingly new and real for listeners far and wide – those who’ve tired of the same old approach. In either case, I look forward to seeing where all of this takes him and what else comes through musically over the coming months and years.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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