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M.O.A.S (Man Of All Seasons) BLM Freestyle


M.O.A.S showcases an impressive lyrical ability and flow on this latest release BLM Freestyle. Lighting up the room with a colourful and fresh beat, the track offers a calming ambiance that suits the personality and depth of that leading voice perfectly well. On top of all of this is the performance though, the ideas and the rhythm of the delivery – all of which helps make BLM the captivating hip hop release that it is.

BLM is an addictively smooth and somewhat classic sounding track that tips its hat to the legends of yesteryear. M.O.A.S is thoughtful with his bars, you can hear a depth of perspective and that lets these connect on a whole new level. At the same time, this isn’t an artist merely aiming high to give off a conscious rap aura, this is an artist naturally rooted in that style of writing. The whole thing flows through flawlessly, effortlessly, with confidence yet a mellow and humble presentation. This suits the lightness and the slightly retro vibe of the soundscape beautifully.

Though the freestyle is over and done with in under two minutes, it feels like it could go on for much longer. There’s a softness to the approach, nothing flashy or fake is needed – you just get this collected outpouring of considerate ideas and story-telling. It’s not a lyrically dense release, instead it’s something that you can undoubtedly vibe to – it creates a quickly entrancing groove that fills the room with brightness and a sense of optimism. M.O.A.S feeds into this further with his delivery and his observational references. There’s also an element of motivational strength to his bars, particularly during the latter half. Things grow more impressive as the track moves along, and that voice makes certain you’ll recognise it again – even with such a brief appearance. I look forward to hearing more; 2019 is undoubtedly the year to to tune in.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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