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M.A.T.T Majestic


Blending an other-worldly use of effects for a dreamlike contemporary rap and RnB sound, with a surprisingly detailed manner of story-telling, South Africa’s M.A.T.T offers intimacy and late-night, calming vibes with his new EP Majestic.

From the personal outpouring that is an unapologetic and honest Thinkin’ Bout You, the style feels familiar initially, later evolving to lay bare an impressive level of detail and scene-setting. There are even a few unexpected creative flickers throughout the latter half of the soundscape, which subtly introduce a rising sense of energy.

The project continues with a similarly keys-led, synth-soaked calmness, moving through the near-acoustic softness of Tonight, into a more high-octane, questioning aura for the harder-hitting anthem that is How Many – an EP highlight. The whole thing showcases a fairly versatile artist, currently enveloped in contemporary hip hop production, which is fair enough considering what modern audiences tend to opt for. It will be interesting to hear where things go in the future.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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