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Lynne Taylor Donovan I Don’t Wanna Mention Any Names


Lynne Taylor Donovan offers up a stylish bit of jazz alongside a smooth and easy to get into ballad that highlights her skill for songwriting and her passion for performance. The song is beautifully mellow yet notably soulful. The artist’s leading vocal performance has a wonderful warmth and strength to it, and the song is well written with just enough of that quirky, unique sense of character to really make it stand out.

The track is an easy going, easy to enjoy piece of music and writing, yet it stands tall for a number of reasons among its peers. As mentioned, there’s a distinct level of passion in the performance, and it comes not in the form of louder moments or excessive musical build ups, it comes simply in the rise and resolve of the lyrics and the emotion with which they are sung. The piano playing throughout is slick and captivating and always interesting. The rhythm is nicely mellow and everything together brings the out good vibes in full force.

The artist has crafted a wonderful song and performed it in a way that begs for a live performance to be witnessed. The recording appears to have captured a real moment, those occasions when the leading vocal breaks through from the hard to the soft are flawlessly executed, and although the track is clearly well structured, effectively arranged, the instrumentation has something of a free-flowing style to it – as much great jazz often does. To be able to present that as a distinct genre high point within the walls of a melodic and memorable song is impressive, and it’s a pleasure to listen to.

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