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Lune TheSongWriter Tell Me You’re Sorry


Lune TheSongWriter has written a pop-classic – a song that weaves its way into your life with a soulful melody-line and a colorful fusion of electronic ambiance and gentle rhythm. The leading vocal adds a relevant layer of emotion to the single that gives it an added level of authenticity – making sure the subject seems genuine, from the heart. The back and forth between the melodic moments and the rap verses adds a further dynamic and keeps things moving throughout.

Tell Me You’re Sorry¬†is a song that has a somewhat classic RnB-meets-pop vibe, but that also throws in some modern elements of hip hop. Furthermore, the song’s concept is one that seems a little different or like something that’s been approached in a fresh way. This request for an apology leans into the topic of relationship issues in an unusual way. And still it feels accessible, perhaps more-so for its honesty.

Lune TheSongwriter has crafted this track effectively, utilising a simple verse melody – short lines that build up the intensity throughout, and a meandering delivery that pours through in a believably longing manner. Production-wise the song is interesting for the way it brings together the sounds of today with some that are perhaps a little more retro and even electronic-jazz inspired.

The first rap verse showcases a quick and rather manic performance that again adds a lot to the rising intensity of the piece. There’s a lot at work structurally and this helps seal the deal in terms of Lune’s own identity as The Songwriter. The track has a simple but memorable hook that stands tall on its own strength and vulnerability combined. It’s a subtle but certain ear-worm that’s easily recognisable after a couple of listens.

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