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Lunar Grey


Before veering off into the business side of the music industry for a while, singer and artist Lunar has released a final EP project – one that makes you hope she does return to the stage-side of the scene at some point.

Fresh from that EP is the song Grey, an unquestionably unique song in many different ways. The first is Lunar’s voice, one with equal parts delicacy and weight – a voice that carries the song’s complex, long-form melody in a natural and very real manner. Another is the subject matter, the lyricism – there’s poetry and personal reflection throughout, ideas that provoke thought and some that seem to reveal the inner workings of the writer’s mind.

Another way in which the song breaks down barriers is the set-up, the structure. Grey follows its own rules, from a musical perspective, offering creative freedom and artistic expression in an uninhibited fashion. The song’s ideas and underlying sentiments are not merely presented lyrically, as is most commonly the case in modern pop – they’re represented in the changing energy of the entire piece. The initial move from the simple piano to the electronic rhythm and the hook begins this process, then later on there’s an entire rewriting of the mood.

Lunar is not afraid to stop and start within a composition, to pause entirely, to redirect the listener at any given moment – so long as it’s an integral part of the concept and the journey. Even with its individuality though, Grey has some memorable calling cards that let you know where you are and that make you likely to recognise this with ease in the future. The rhythm and intensity of the hook is a big part of this, as is Lunar’s voice. Well worth a listen.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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