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Luke Fitzgerald Lost My Mind


For the hard rock fans with a passion for the gritty and melodic uniting under a purposeful songwriting blanket of expression – Kansas artist and musician Luke Fitzgerald has captured a sublime sound and style, with the evocative and addictive pace and presence of Lost My Mind.

Appealing from the outset for its skilful production and the born-to-perform rasp and depth of the voice, what I really love about this track is the long-form verse progression – extensive lyrical density but not at the cost of substance and captivation; far from it. Luke captures attention from the outset with these sublime vocals and the clear emotion of the delivery, but also with the revealing, haunting and focused original nature of the writing.

The song draws you in for its vibe and subject matter in unison, presenting an intriguing deep-dive into unsettling scenes, but one that feels relatable and fascinating in its gritty realism and poetic poignancy.

To then weave in the faultless musicianship of this progressive metal arrangement and the distinct tone of the performance, gifts the Luke Fitzgerald sound a fine fusion of nostalgia and originality, and it’s this that makes Lost My Mind a humble yet powerful alternative metal track – and a strong introduction to the upcoming releases that are hopefully soon to emerge.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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