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Lucid Ending Twenty Miles


The prospect of new music from Canada rock outfit Lucid Ending was more than a little exciting, to say the least. Their previous offerings led listeners into a rock arena of fresh songwriting and absolute passion. Now back with something a little different but still categorically in line with that emotional, intentional and gritty core, the band continue to aim high and absolutely hit the mark.

The added blessing with this release is that it comes in the form of a live performance video. Twenty Miles is an impressive song in itself, but the live gift lets it become all the more immersive.

Chaotic yet conceptually relevant riffs rain down to create a sense of fast movement that’s inherently connected to the concept and indeed to the heightened emotion in that leading voice. Things start off intensely and that feeling never falls away throughout. The vocals hit with impact thanks to a minimum range that paves the way towards an ultimately anthem-like whole, complete with its sensational guitar solo during the instrumental latter half. Modern rock and grunge meet with a far more classic rock aura and beautifully showcase a band built up of superb musicians with a clear love for what they do.

If their earlier music introduced a good band, this latest release works hard to re-brand Lucid Ending as great. The track and performance get better and better as they progress in unison – that passion and energy continuing to rise right the way through, almost resulting in a Guns N’ Roses-style big finish.

Brilliant, a pleasure to hear something new from the band – particularly something this enjoyable.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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