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Lucid Ending Long Live The Joker


Lucid Ending smash back onto the scene with a bass-heavy distorted beauty for this latest release.

Catering to the contemporary entertainment world with a title that’s all at once intriguing and poignant, Long Live The Joker keeps the raw energy and confidence of classic rock alive and well.

As is the Lucid Ending way, there’s a little grunge here, alongside a melodic and passionate way with riffs and melodies – and of course, a concept that seems vague enough to appeal to a broader audience; if it wasn’t for the specificity of that title.

Given the verse details and the lyrical depth in full, the actual sentiment here is way more relatable than a movie reference, and incredibly compelling, particularly towards the end. Not to ruin the progression, with its Audioslave-like introversion and evolution, but lines like One final time I force you to the ledge / This is my masterpiece, this is my pledge really stand out during the latter half; breathing new life into an already engaging and energizing alternative rock track.

Brilliant. Listen loud.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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