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Luchi Web Of Lies


Dreamy synths and humble dance rhythms re-ignite the devotedly creative pop sound of authentic songwriter and performer Luchi, as his latest single Web Of Lies delves into the darkness of disconnection and a hurtful breakup.

Inspired by the likes of Sam Smith, Rag n Bone Man, and Teddy Swims, Luchi’s Web Of Lies adopts a mainstream pop songwriting style but weaves in poetic metaphors, images, and long-form progressions, alongside the artist’s own distinct and gentle voice, for a sound that quickly creates its own lane.

The lyrics are densely populated throughout these verses, the clear scorn of the subject matter reinforcing the central image of this Web Of Lies. The verses almost feel like a rap on occasion, depicting another side of the Luchi style, from which there is now an extensive repertoire of original pop songs to enjoy.

Despite its rueful reflection and references to snakes, lies, and heartbreak, the song has a hugely upbeat and anthemic chorus, which reinforces the ultimate optimism of the writing – something further underlined by the opening and closing repeat of ‘Karma’s coming for you’.

While the verses tell a story of deceit and betrayal, the song is essentially a celebration of knowing that things always come back around – a deep-rooted understanding that those who hurt others end up getting hurt themselves soon enough.

Web Of Lies evolves from the sting of distrust to the comfort of karma throughout its classic pop presentation, winding up with a song that seeks to essentially haunt this liar from the past with its enchanting vocal harmonies and echoing sentiments reminding them that one day they’ll pay for their intentional misdeeds.

Thank god for songwriting as it’s saved me from many a bad breakup. It was a relationship built on so many lies & that inspired the title of the song.” – Luchi.

Raised in Glasgow and with a natural affinity for music from a very young age, Luchi has been releasing original songs for many years now, and has had several of these chart significantly well in the singer/songwriter categories.

Web Of Lies is second to none in terms of that growing collection of works, and furthermore ignites a fresh take on long-form pop songwriting that helps take things down a subtly new creative pathway.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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