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Luchi Fix This Love


Glasgow-raised songwriter and artist Luchi returns with melancholic piano and vocal pairing, for his latest heartbroken and classic pop endeavor Fix This Love.

Distinctly raw in its independent status but meandering like a timeless meeting of RnB and Pop regardless, Fix This Love features the enchanting meeting of complex piano and subtle strings, to back up the unmistakable personality and tone of Luchi’s own leading voice. Everything from pronunciation to the rising passion is recognizable as Luchi, a trait renowned throughout a swiftly expanding repertoire of originals.

The songwriting too rings loud with qualities true to the artist – these deeply reflective explorations of pain, the ache of separation and the weight of regret, the angst of blame and uncertainty; even the hopeful resolve of self-empowerment. All of these qualities usually feed into the Luchi songwriting approach, and Fix This Love is far from the exception. The difference, however, seems to be that Fix This Love focuses on efforts tried and failed in the realm of love – something again broadly familiar and relatable yet still believably intimate from the grounded songwriter.

In reality, Fix This Love acts as another metaphorical deep-dive from Luchi, an opposing force to the addiction journey of Mountain, in this case relaying the story of other people whose lives are impacted by the addict. The idea of an individual being repeatedly offered a helping hand or solace from pain, and ultimately rejecting it, as recovery must always be a personal choice, is incredibly common – though surprisingly untouched as a topic in music. The details aren’t obvious, but fans of Luchi will grow to expect the unexpected; and the deeper layers that almost always reside within.

Noting roots firmly planted amidst the pop classics of eras past, Luchi’s affinity for the genre blends well with his consistent realism and willingness to be vulnerable at the helm, and Fix This Love celebrates that approach with humility and heart.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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