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Lucaztro In Space


Electro-pop sound-play and effected, poetic vocals unite for a style that feels both familiar and fresh as Lucaztro kicks off an uplifting and imaginative In Space.

For an opening track, Snow Land works its magic with ease – long-form verses and euphoric synths meet with a simple, compressed rhythm to captivate with intimacy and observations combined.

Despite the effects, Lucaztro’s voice has a clear tone and personality that stands out – qualities that ring true throughout the In Space album.

Uniquely rebuilding the genre with a fearless commitment to lyric and a passionate connection to the process, Lucaztro showcases impressive production and songwriting alike throughout this fairly incomparable project.

With Animal, the sound is still rooted in that identity, but we get a dash of hip hop alongside the creative production to elevate things – a suddenly darker mood, too, helps redirect and recapture any wandering minds.

While there’s effective structuring utilised throughout In Space, there’s also an element of freestyle energy to the writing – the verses in particular. We always resolve to the hook though, and things always feel relevant to the story, so this trait actually works in favour of Lucaztro’s alternative appeal and authenticity.

Highlights include the heartfelt outpouring of Blue, more detailed and honest than most story-telling songs, and the again euphoric, addictive vocoder hook strike of Movie. There are also some notably pure lyrical moments to be heard in the likes of a dreamy Trust In Me and a quirky, contemporary-themed To Run.

Consistently self-reflective, somewhat raw in melodic presentation but connecting by relaying the struggle of outside opinions of the self, as well as relationship turmoil and a fascination with the universe and the elements, In Space leads with a refreshing purpose and artistic focus throughout.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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