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Luanne Hunt Texas Tears


We first took an in depth look at Luanne Hunt’s music back in February with a review of her track Bluer Than The Bluegrass. She returns now with her brand new song Texas Tears, and already it’s had a huge amount of support from radio stations, fans, and music blogs alike.

The song sounds fantastic, it’s jam packed with that real and organic blues rock sound; guitar riffs, stylish jazz-like piano, great rhythm, great vibes, and as per usual – Luanne’s gorgeous and natural lead vocal, softly carrying the melody over and through the music. And what a melody, such a classic sound to it, so memorable, and instantly warm and easy to sing along with.

The concept and indeed the phrase Texas Tears is one that won’t slip from your mind any time soon, and the lyrics and melody throughout follow this same path. It’s strong song writing, and a flawlessly performed piece of music. Even down to the instrumental breaks, the harmonies, the added vocals intermittently appearing, the occasional solo flick from the piano or the guitars or the drums – everything feels complete and well structured, yet there is also a really wonderful feeling of being right there in the moment with the musicians.

As mentioned, it has that gorgeously organic sound to it, and it’s a track that would brighten up any evening out from the moment it started to play. The crash of those drums and the sublime level to which every instrument and every performance is so perfectly harmonious with each and every other – it makes for a fantastic piece of music, with a well placed and welcoming lead vocal that draws you right into the heart of the song.

The idea of Texas Tears is quite clearly a sad one, the lyrics are of troubled times, of course, but the music contrasts entirely with any thought of sadness or melancholy. It’s a wonderful thing – re-emphasizing the power of music in it’s ability to brighten even the darkest of days. Luanne Hunt is in fact one of those singers where you can hear them smiling somehow, you can feel the love of music shining brightly, and the sound of it should no doubt in turn bring a smile to those who listen. It’s a brilliant song, great vibes throughout, and a really catchy melody that will stay with you long after the song has finished.

Press play below, turn it up loud, and find Luanne Hunt over on Facebook and her Website to hear more music and to stay up to date.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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