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Luanne Hunt Portraits in Song


Renowned indie singer and artist Luanne Hunt delves into contemplation and poetic revelation more than ever throughout this deeply moving, intimate and uniquely creative new album Portraits In Song.

The opener alone, It Was Always You, lights up the room with its lyrical consideration, long form rhymes, the folk-pop resolve of that rise and fall hook, and the ever-recognisable tone of Luanne’s effortlessly genuine vocal lead.

Brightening the mood significantly is Ozark Mountain Morn, all the more poetic and folk-kissed in its imagery and optimism, with a lovely thread of live strings moving through the outer edges.

Arrangement matters and Luanne seems to have mastered the playlist in this case. Two Angels Fly suddenly captures the heart for its mellow, near-acoustic introduction – piano and voice, delicacy and poetic imagery again; we’re into the mood now, the feelings and reflections that make up these Portraits in Song.

On a similarly eclectic note, a touch of distorted guitar and infectious, bass-thick rhythm elevates Midnight Rain & Roses to become easily one of the most memorable and engaging songs on the album. Stylish and intriguing, catchy and energising – the perfect addition to the natural versatility of the project, and a personal favourite.

We then get the organic tones and finger-picking softness of The Butterfly Effect, another story that grips, imagery that allows for a near-meditative state of escapism, and personal honesty that connects for its vulnerability and realism.

Finely balancing addictive rhythms with acoustic softness, Cooked works well towards the end, and its easy rise and fall paves the way effectively into the rock and roll passion of Ain’t No Way To Win in Dixie; another favourite, with a lush guitar solo during the latter half.

Bringing things to a powerful finish is the rising anticipation and mighty musical contrast of He Played His Music. Exemplifying the fearless nature of this project to a bold degree, the song draws further attention to the freely expressive nature of Luanne’s writing and performances. The perfect way to wrap things up.

Consistently delivering on the promises made by its title, Portraits in Song details a handful of characters, scenes and events that captivate, and at the same time showcases some of the very best of Luanne Hunt’s musical work to date. A real pleasure to delve into.

Check out the album via Luanne Hunt’s Website from February 1st. Follow her on Facebook & Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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