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Luanne Hunt Bluer Than The Bluegrass


Luanne Hunt is a musician, singer, and songwriter, based in Southern California. Bluer Than The Bluegrass is a song that has received a great amount of love and recognition from all who have heard it, and it’s no surprise. Here’s what we thought of it.

It is indeed a beautiful song, instantly enjoyable and memorable. The music has everything lovely about it; every instrument is played so gently, yet superbly – very skillful musical performances all round, everything fits and sits just right. It’s one of those rare occasions where a song has everything just as you feel it should be, nothing disappoints. It’s a great piece of music, such a pleasant atmosphere is created by it all, and in addition to the music; everything is brilliantly backed up by a gorgeous and honest sounding lead vocal. That melody is one of a kind, and this, combined with the welcoming and intimate sounding voice, makes for a genuinely great song. The whole thing sounds thoroughly charming from start to finish.

The song itself was written by R.C. Landes and Karen Landes. It’s one that is peacefully soaked in the sound of country and acoustic folk music, and it’s a winner – the melody is just brilliant, rising up when it needs to, falling back when it should. The harmonies created by the two vocal parts are a joy to hear. The strings as well, a real high point – they compliment everything else that is happening, and they come out into the mix at just the right time; smoothly blending into the track and lighting up those quiet corners with a stylish and comforting glow.

It really is a beautiful song, a beautiful concept; some great imagery is used in the writing. In fact, genre aside, when you break it all down to the writing and the musicality; these are some gorgeously poetic lyrics, with a warm and classic feel to them, and there are stunning musical performances from all involved. There’s also just enough space in the song to really sit back and let it wash over you. A pleasure to listen to. Highly recommended.

You can show your support for Luanne Hunt’s music over on Facebook and Twitter; give her a follow, visit her website to learn more about her, and definitely look out for upcoming shows and new releases.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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