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Ltronnika Xplorer


Ltronnika takes listeners down a decidedly retro, multi-layered pathway of electronic sound design with this latest release. Effectively encapsulating the very essence of exploration, the track is distinctly varied and sees numerous different sections and samples emerge as it moves through its three and a half minute journey.

The first quarter feels like something quite different to the second, then there’s a rightful return to that earlier familiarity, and by this point the colors and characteristics of the composition have a strangely comforting resolve about them.

As far as electronic music goes these days, the experimental nature of this release works well in offering something unique. Everything from the synths to the melodies to the very drum-line itself is about as far from contemporary or mainstream sounds as possible, and yet the producer has showcased this without veering too far away from what works and what satisfies musically. The more you hear it, the more recognizable it becomes, and the more you appreciate the unusual traits and details that have made it what it is.

The journey is fairly mellow, dreamlike and ambient in a calming, meditative manner. You acclimatize quickly to the style, and it actually makes for a notably soothing, enjoyable listening experience. Further releases from Ltronnika lean in a similar direction. That creative freedom and that compelling musicality fuse beautifully. Relax is equally impressive and offers a completely new series of emotions and moments. I look forward to a longer playlist.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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