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Ltronnika Fantasia


Ltronnika’s Fantasia emerges with that now recognisable style of the producer but a completely new arena of ambiance for the listener to immerse themselves within.

As is always the way, the music is far from a simple soundscape – unlike the vast majority of instrumental or electronica compositions, there’s a detailed journey here; a story-line with a series of moments and emotions that engage you throughout.

Fantasia is a quickly likable track that offers an addictive sense of progression, skillfully balancing seemingly organic layers with those that are more clearly electronic. The latter half showcases flickers of traditional folk melody, and this is contrasted by subsequent instances of intensity – dark synths and a heightened level of emotion. Then you get a few hints of the oriental world, a new chapter in this short tale, and following that – a dash of piano is met by a decidedly retro riff; appearing to bring together two nostalgic elements from completely different areas of audio.

Of course, this is all just detail, stylistic intricacy, but it matters in context – the full experience is a joy to have fill the room around you, and these are some of the reasons why. Ltronnika clearly has an ear for effective melody, a passion for music in general, an unwavering sense of identity, and an abundance of skill and knowledge when it comes to music production. Another fine release to add to the long-term playlist.

Visit the Ltronnika Website for more information. Check out the track Xplorer here.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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