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Loving The Sun The Waves Of Sorrow


Introducing the new two-track EP from folk-rock trio Loving The Sun, The Waves Of Sorrow begins with a title-track naturally opposed to the melancholy its title implies. Acoustic guitars and softly presented, cleanly mixed and intimate vocals deliver a quick sense of brightness in both melody and poetic wonder.

As things progress, we delve into the topic with increasing passion, the doors opening wide to reveal a clear sense of self-discovery and longing that’s beautifully inspirational.

Building up towards a beach-ready folk-pop arrangement, The Waves Of Sorrow, makes fine use of musical riffs, instrumentation and subtle harmonies, as well as the initial lyrical story that captivates. As a result, the song grips the listener more and more so as it progresses, and in the same instance manages to feel familiar yet genuinely fresh in both topic and tune.

Also included in the release is the Americana swagger of Holding On, another instrumental set-up that first directs things a certain way, only to be brought back by deeply human sentiments and an uplifting degree of optimism and self-belief.

Once again, the song rises up with style and purpose, moving from acoustic softness to full-band warmth – an embrace that will no doubt connect all the more so during a Loving The Sun live show.

Catchy writing but also distinctly original, with long-form verses and a skillful evolution from stripped-back calm to a colourful, all-encompassing presence.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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