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Lounge Act Jam Everything I Cherish Easily Disintegrates into Dust at the Lightest Touch (EP)


As conceptually provocative as ever, Lounge Act Jam reach new considerate depths with this EP – a project whose title alone invites a sense of startling self-awareness.

From the opener Dust (Intro), there’s a fresh mood to the creativity. Mildly industrial, partially organic and dreamy – reverb-kissed, rhythmic and later funky, but still featuring these unsettling falling synths that hit with a certain sharp edge.

We then get a dose of retro bass and crisp drums, feeling like a simple keyboard and full drum kit pairing. Weave in some guitars, vocal ahhs, a descending progression and an improvised solo, and soon a poetic lyrical thread, and the track increasingly proves emotive; allowing the mind to wander, your worries to fall away. The live sound connects well, given the lack of the real thing in our lives lately.

I need u (Synth Version) leads with bass and slightly freestyle funky rhythms once again. Layers of voice and additional instrumentation, even cinematic details, phase in and out in an unpredictable fashion. You try to connect the dots, lead this back to the EP title, but mostly this process of listening is selfish – it means more to you for its embrace than for its artistic undertone.

NCO injects another nostalgic drum beat and a fuzz-soaked bassline, along with some decidedly raw vocals; and a rather explosive final fifth. It’s lounge music, it’s a jam, it’s an act – everything about the music makes sense, yet still it has its own pulse to follow along.

The full-band sound of Everything Here is Mechanical makes for a hypnotic and quite energising, awakening penultimate track. Then we get a strikingly heavy production as so numb brings back that familiar vocal lead for one last reflective, poignant hit of writing and performance.

An air of negativity sees us regroup with that opening sentiment of that which is cherished disintegrating. A second listen will likely open up new realms of thought regarding all of this. In any case, the sound is Lounge Act Jam, with a certain edge of intensity as per the times.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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