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LoudlyJ Cheap Wine, Enjoy


Great song-writing meets with funky organic sound-design for this light and summer-ready EP from LoudlyJ.

Simply titled Cheap Wine, Enjoy – the project leads with a catchy Just Friends and introduces a laid-back manner of story-telling and a clear love for the easy-going fun of making music.

There’s a hint of Just Jack to the sound, spoken word meets melody, funk meets pop, helping elevate the music in a mildly anthem-like, festival ready manner.

Wednesday Afternoon follows, and the mood is more laid-back still – though that LoudlyJ sound and style are clearly detectable. More good vibes – enjoying the sun, chilling out with friends – the lyrics and overall mood all leans in the same direction.

With Cheap Wine, a rock-ready riff creates a shoegaze inspired, dreamy soundscape. An initially spacious track follows, and a vocal that captivates for its upfront honesty and detail. The beat drops in, the soundscape is full and immersive, the lyrics feel raw and gritty and genuine.

A definite highlight, original in style and refreshing in concept and scene. Here we get to the roots of the LoudlyJ sound – the identity, the truth, the passion. A little The xx, a little hip hop, a little guitar pop. And these uninhibited qualities stand tall throughout the EP.

Neon Lights feels more hip hop than anything, contrasting lightness and rhythm in a memorable, hypnotic way. Then there’s the pop colour and space of Big Mad, an intriguing single with great vocal strength and movement throughout its groove. There’s a touch of Dominic Fike to this one, the Cancel Me era – the spoken word and the hopeful, cloud 9 musicality.

Way U Move brings the EP to a pop-soaked finish with another easily memorable anthem. Dance-floor ready and catchy as ever, familiar for its set-up but still in keeping with the crisp LoudlyJ sound.

A great EP, in short. A lot of fun, with dashes of depth. There’s tone and character to it all – important qualities that will hopefully stand the test of time.

Download the EP via Apple. Check out LoudlyJ on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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