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Lost Platypus Alone, Together


Lost Platypus returns to grace the airwaves with the purity of creative freedom and ambient intentions – introducing a two-track release that quickly calms the soul.

Beginning with a brief arena of twinkling details and dreamlike intricacies, the single’s prelude offers a sense of peace and oneness as it softly surrounds the listener.

Following this, instrumental and simple yet artistic in its newness, not being easy to compare, Alone, Together (Fade Away) follows on like a perfectly-crafted second act. This time though, we get a full-length single, and a voice – a lyrical substance to meet the delicacy of the soundscape.

Weave in a rhythmic guitar riff, promising a folk-pop warmth and movement that’s relatable and alluring for the live setting, and the music naturally connects and appeals.

Breathy, whispered vocals intrigue throughout this single. The music is less unexpected than the opening track, more comforting in set-up and familiarity. The lyrics, therefore, the softness with which they are delivered, are what really lures you in.

Lost Platypus meets poetry and contemplation with imagery and observation, musically resolving later but with questions and uncertainty in the writing. The very concept of this juxtaposed title – Alone, Together – suits the back and forth between the inquisitive why did it? and the ultimate repeat of don’t leave me, don’t leave me.

Beautifully interesting, refreshingly honest, conceptually relatable in its ups and downs. Lost Platypus tells audio stories like no one else. Always a pleasure to delve into.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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