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Lorenzo Iannotti If Love Comes To Call


Lorenzo Iannotti offers music fans a classic pop hit with this latest release. Building up gradually from an acoustic and pure introduction – guitar picking, space, an immediately emotional vocal (and visual performance to match) – If Love Comes To Call slowly but surely evolves into a mildly vintage display of pop writing; with a consistently organic, eventual big-band set-up that helps reinforce the underlying purity and passion of the song.

Throughout the release, Lorenzo showcases a clear understanding of what works in composition – what has worked throughout time, what the classic ballads have done that allows them to connect with a broader audience. This includes certain flickers of professionalism, such as the shoulder-swaying groove of the music lining up with the melodic inflections, the rise up to the hook, the use of contrast between the quiet and the loud. It also includes the way the whole song continues to evolve and gather momentum right the way through – complete with a powerful bridge and a return and ultimate resolve to the heartbreak and regret that is the song’s central line and idea.

Laying out the details of a broken heart can be a difficult task, but Lorenzo opens up entirely here, bringing both personal story-telling and that inherent professional touch to the stage in a fairly fool-proof way. A job well done, a song (and video) that’s notably upfront and easy to connect with.

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