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Loomy leads with pristine production and memorable anthems throughout this crisp new album NEPTUNE BOY.

Beginning with the enveloping loop that is the Intro, the project keeps a recognisable vocal at the forefront, and proceeds to tell its stories with superb sound design and lyrical simplicity united – fragments of truth amidst inclusive references that keep things relevant.

GRABBA is an easy early highlight for its dreamlike fusion of riffs and synths alongside a mighty bass line. Throw in a hypnotic verse melody, and a story that feels fresh – told with honesty and featuring multiple changes in flow and intensity – and this one quickly connects.

Halfway in and MOBBED UP takes something of a home-made, rustic approach to cinematic sound-design and setting the mood. The contemporary vocal style lets it fit well within the modern scene.

FELL IN LUV picks up the pace and switches gears flow-wise once again. Higher energy, a laid back sense of fun conceptually, a lightness and nostalgic RnB flair to the verses. And as ever, another creatively interesting soundscape.

VEXED brings the album to a finish with a darker, later-night hit of intimacy and uncertainty. Another looping hook is quick to leave its mark, and meanwhile those threads of identity stand tall – the voice, the production choices, the levels within the mix.

Loomy has his style down, without question, and the high quality of the finish here lets those traits really stand tall. The twenty year old artist has been working on his craft for the past six years, releasing a handful of tapes and gradually perfecting the art of engineering and producing his own music.

As well as developing a band project called Runaway Schoolboyz, along with his own clothing line, NEPTUNE BOY marks the latest peak in Loomy’s solo releases. This journey to the top is currently being documented as Censored Culture – check out the video above, and subscribe to stay updated.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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