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Longy & The Gospel Trash Auto Interwoven Minds


Longy & The Gospel Trash’s new single Auto Interwoven Minds is a formal indictment to modern social interaction postmarked from a savage and eclectic garage somewhere in the nineties. In a brilliant clash of punk, blues, and a healthy dose of post-grunge, Auto Interwoven Minds is likely to be the next song on your playlist that you won’t let your friends leave without hearing first.

Starting with a simple bluesy acoustic riff, the song weaves its way into an explosives mix of cymbals, brass, bass, and screams. With a guttural, grungy tone so sought after in the genre, Longy comments on the culture of “Check your likes /  Refresh Page / Check your likes / Rearrange” before scolding the listener “All your mobile phones / Turn ‘em off / Turn ‘em off” – an invitation to feel something real again. A reference to, and hate mail written for, the neurotic and obsessive social media culture we live in today, Auto Interwoven Minds plays so powerfully from the speakers it almost frustrates to know how good a live show must be.

With a production quality second to none, a band that has such clear chemistry together, and an amazing sound that makes music art again in a generation where that seems so scarce: Longy & The Gospel Trash is exactly the band to make you remember what it is to be human. Every note is flawlessly hit. Every aspect of L&TGT’s sound is perfectly cobbled together to make a beautiful, terrifying, screaming, soaring single built to wake a generation asleep at the wheel.

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