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LOF BOSSGHETTO No Sleep Until Sunrise


Lof Bosghetto kicks off this new mix-tape with weight and intensity, but later proceeds to offer a surprisingly thoughtful, honest and melodically infectious approach to songwriting. Proving himself to be far more than just a rapper, this playlist introduces an artist with plenty to offer in the way of original and open expression and musicality.

Following the hit of Intro in the best possible way, Beverly is stunning, an absolute highlight – musically beautiful and conceptually heartfelt. A stand-out track for its purity and gratitude, but also for how musically satisfying it is. Honest story-telling captivates, as does musical clarity and effective melodies, and that’s precisely what you get with this song; a fine balance between all that shines brightly.

As the project continues, O.D. tackles the darkness implied by its title in a self-reflective manner. Deeply personal lyrics feel like a private outpouring – a diary reading or a moment of crisis. Meanwhile, a definite contemporary rap sound leads the way – auto-tune and a simple beat give the song a level of familiarity.

253 Nights (Feat. CED DAGREAT) leads on with a similar vibe but a slightly more classic RnB hook – one that proves to be notably effective and memorable. Once again, Lof Bossghetto makes sure to keep things unapolagetically real. The lyrics hold tight to your interest as the artist presents truthfulness – complete with vulnerability, and a vast awareness of the world and his role within it.

Letting things conceptually mellow out for a while is the hard-hitting anthem of a track that is Solid Nigga. The song leads with a mighty hook, a powerful sense of rhythm, and a genuinely energizing vibe on the whole. The vocals kick in perfectly and the song stands out for its distinct and clear pace and that entrancing level of movement. It’s simple but effective, and really well-placed within the mix-tape.

Let It Go pours through with simple yet beautiful melodies again – a quickly hypnotic soundscape and leading voice work in unison to create a likable groove with an inspiring underlying sentiment. An easy track to re-visit – conceptually uplifting, realistic, and a pleasure to listen to. Another highlight for just how well everything works within. Why Now afterwards keeps a similar mood but deals with regret and resentment – heartbreak and hangups reinforce the realness; something you can always count on Lof Bossghetto for.

Ghetto Where You Been kicks in with a fast pace and a relentless vocal delivery that barely pauses to breathe. The rhythm works well, the song feels fresh and still holds close to that inherent Lof sound and style. A welcomed dash of eclecticism but still rooted in the identity of the artist and this project. A single listen isn’t quite enough to really capture every bar.

Afterwards, Wait a Minute (Feat. VENUSFLYTRAPPIN) sees things calm back down again – gorgeous melodies and a peaceful ambiance rain down around you. Arrangement is important and once again this track feels perfectly well-placed within the collection.

The heavy hit of Intro returns as the rhythmic grasp and lyrical brilliance of Outro brings the project to a striking finish. Rounding up the experience well, this final track is a highlight for its clarity and for what are some truly compelling, impressive bars.

The very title of this project – No Sleep Until Sunrise – is a promise undoubtedly kept. These tracks make for the easy going yet honest vibes you can relax among as the depths of the night swing into view. Strong production makes it an easy one to revisit. Accompany insomnia or escape into the purity of an artist with a respectable sense of truth and optimism about his writing. An impressive and consistently enjoyable mix-tape.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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