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Lloyd Dillon Set Up


Lloyd Dillon takes the mellow ambiance of classic hip hop and presents it alongside of a fairly light natured beat on this single entitled Set Up. The arrangement has a fair bit of character to it, the paired vocals throughout add a touch of the chaotic to an otherwise calming soundscape. There are also numerous different sections involved in the song, from the opening verse through to the melodic hook, to the much more manic and quite haunting second verse – your emotions as a listener are likely to follow those intended by the artist in a pretty relevant way.

The lyrics offer a story line soaked in drama and realness, it isn’t some sugar coated tale that aims simply to please. The essence of hip hop is the truth, the often personal truth that hasn’t yet been told. This concept of being set up is one that most people can comprehend but perhaps haven’t experienced. This element of character, however dark or difficult, really helps make the single stand out as something unique to the artist behind it. The Lloyd Dillon sound and style quickly makes itself familiar, from the production style – the placement of an RnB style vocal so clearly within the mix, the unusual beat – to the flow and the unpredictable rhythm expressed within the rap sections. You get something stacked high with individuality, and that’s a crucial element when it comes to creating memorable or compelling music these days.

From a songwriting perspective, the hook has a simple melody and concept that is presented and repeated just enough times to really make it sink in. The increasing tension or passion within the verses draws your focus elsewhere for a while, but you always come back to that moment, that connecting thread, and this makes all the difference.

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