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Living Trust Things I’ll Put Away


This latest release from Living Trust is a distinctly retro piece of electronica that supports the underlying song and sentiment in a vibrant and unusual way. The soundscape has been built up with various mildly distorted synths painted beneath an ocean of reverb. The resulting song comes through with a touch of nostalgia, the rhythm and the bass-line feel quite vintage, as do the electronic elements that shoot across the ambiance intermittently. In addition, the song itself appears as fairly distant within the mix – the melody has a surprisingly indie-rock feel to it, as does the structure of the song, though the leading voice appears as this equally electronically charged element that fits smoothly in among all that surrounds and supports it.

The further you get into the song, certain riffs and melodic moments really start to stand tall. On occasion there is a chorus of vocals adding to the soundscape, essentially the hook section creating this spiraling, dreamlike ascent into the ether. The second time you listen the whole thing start to take shape much more clearly. These various, eclectic moments of instrumentation are a little more familiar now, you begin to expect them, the structure begins to settle in. The song is refreshing for these reasons – it’s not that often you get to listen to music that follows its own pathway, as opposed to that which is dictated by mainstream radio. As you learn to recognise the intricacies here though, the song gets better and better, and this too is quite rare.

There’s a definite eighties vibe to it all – the rhythm of each instrument, the thickness of the bass contrasting with the lightness of certain synths – the soundscape is vast and detailed, and of course, in among it is the song; softly but surely expressing these words from the bible that encourage Christians to put aside unproductive attitudes and behaviors. There’s value in all of it, and it’s interesting to listen to. A well crafted, creative release.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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