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Living Trust The Heavens


The Heavens¬†is a track that comes through initially as a progressive rock meets indie-rock ambiance, fusing energetic guitars and drums with a slightly more retro, electronic edge. Alongside of the instrumentation is a characterful, classic rock leading voice that moves from the gentle to the powerful and later to the spoken word with genuine and effortless smoothness. The sound has character in more ways than one, the song’s structure plays a big part in this, as does the varying instrumentation.

Audio detailing aside, the song’s subject matter is where the essence of its creation lies; the purpose behind the message – the intent of the art. The song opens up with a questioning string of lyrics that invite the listener to think more deeply and to join the songwriter in this reflective, considerate arena of musicality. The first verse welcomes you to be involved in the moment, the lyrics later on offer more of a declaration or story telling element, again adding to that structural awareness shown consistently throughout the single, though redirecting your thought process towards potential solutions or answers to those earlier queries.

Musically the sound has a distinctly 80’s or earlier rock feel that features notable levels of experimentation. The song develops and evolves in a powerful way, the music and the vocals work in unison to create this effect, and so as things move forward the drama and emotional intensity increase along with the colliding weight of the instrumentation. You can hear this in the leading voice as well, the passion increases more and more as things progress, the depth to which this concept affects the artist is clear and for those who share a similar vision the feeling is likely to be passed on through listening, as is the hope for and result of effective songwriting and composing. It’s a vibrant and mighty piece of music.

Download the song for free via The Artist Union.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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