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Lisa Nicole Count On You


Freshly released from her highly anticipated new album Where the Wild Hearts Beat, Lisa’ Nicole’s Count On You adds yet another country pop hit to her repertoire, and explores the topic of trust and reliability in a self-reflective and emotive fashion.

“We all want someone to count on, but we can also be that someone to count on.” – Lisa Nicole, on co-writing the song with Dave Pahanish in Nashville. The collaborative release presents a brightness and warmth that unite beautifully with the lyrics and the gentle uplift of the melody.

Offering a subtly infectious hook, a tune that lingers in a non-intrusive way, along with a well-placed and again subtle but effective guitar solo, Count On You keeps things accessible like a pop ballad, but also weaves in just enough of that organic country set-up to really speak out on natural musicianship and, what some might call, ‘real’ music.

A beautifully humble track with a timeless quality and a calm yet confident delivery – from a clearly passionate and emotionally authentic Lisa Nicole.

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