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Jamaica’s LINK&CHAIN brighten up the year with their crisp and contemporary take on classic reggae for this beautifully uplifting new single.

Loaded with hope and good vibes from the outset, READY has a naturally energising feel – reminiscent of classics from the genre alongside a touch of the unmistakable Arthur theme Best That You Can Do.

The familiar comfort of reggae rhythms, organic musicianship, and gorgeously joyful vocals united in the melodic progression, all introduces the single in a quickly likable way. Great production also allows the natural strength of the music to shine brightly at volume.

Weaving in a story of greater depth than the lightness of the music implies, READY makes sure to touch on values and subtly implores listeners to consider the bigger issues. ‘Don’t be a snake in the grass’ and references to ‘corruption’ and ‘destruction’ resound as this hypnotic chord pattern loops out and around you.

It’s subliminally inspiring, and musically engaging. There’s power in the softness of the approach, and the whole thing is wonderfully written, performed and recorded. Well worth a few spins this summer.

Download or stream READY here. Check out LINK&CHAIN on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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