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Lineages It’s All Okay


Every once in a while a project comes along that swiftly transports the listener to some other realm – one so immersive and calm-inducing that they promptly forget just about everything that needed to be done; including, perhaps, writing the feature for it…

Lineages emerges with a blissful album of precisely this nature, gifting a sense of deep serenity thanks to the skilled and purposeful manner in which these layers of ambient, euphoric detail have been crafted and combined.

Beginning with Fade To Dusk, the album It’s All Okay proves quick to blend the comfort of familiarity with the sheer intrigue of creative freedom, delivering a realm of multi-coloured optimism, beauty, and imaginative, near-meditative awareness.

As things continue, the album proceeds to appeal for its versatility and apparent reading of the room – changing the pace, injecting a new style or detail; the sudden rhythm and groove of Summer Of Wonder; a beautifully world-music kissed piece of organic, uplifting engagement. A personal favourite.

The more upbeat side of proceedings takes hold with all the more inspiring, motivational passion as She Looks Nice In That Dress stylishly roles into view. Something like dreamy trip hop united with deep house showcases a vast contrast between heavy yet muffled bass and delicate rhythms and synths in the distance.

Always Lineages underlines abilities as a producer – the ability to design soundscapes that embrace listeners, lift them up, relieve them of their worries, and the ability to offer uniquely interesting, unfamiliar traits and intricacies, for a truly original journey.

As things continue, dashes of industrial sound-play further hint at a broader range of influences, then from this – nE – we progress into the juxtaposed tranquility and comfort of an aptly titled Safe. And afterwards, the cinematic, sci-fi-esque appeal of Mushrooms in a Storm completely redirects us once more; maintaining that requirement to never get complacent nor let the mind wander too far from the project leader.

Similar other-worldly synths offer up Mirage, along with unsettling hits of drama and intensity that again draw your focus right back to the current moment.

Eclecticism is an absolute strength, and always we’re reminded of this central concept – that whatever happens, It’s All Okay.

Simplicity washes over with a similar delicacy to the opening track for Old Dunes, another powerful composition – seemingly minimalist yet ultimately complex from a production perspective, with an array of brilliantly unusual, natural world fragments that help create a haunting, captivating mood. Another highlight, for entirely different reasons.

At the final hurdle, qualities that cropped up throughout the album seem to join forces for a mellow yet complete embrace that quietly fills the room – overpowering any remaining anxious thoughts or uncertainties. Slow Breaths, the longest track of the project, delivers a venture all of its own, and once again proves both familiar and strangely compelling; even exotic.

From the noise of the world to the peaceful acceptance of now, It’s All Okay encapsulates the strength of intentional, thoughtful escapism. Lineages presents a refreshingly creative, original collection of tracks, unique in everything from make-up to structure to overall depth and vibe.

Backed by superb artwork by KAJA, the producer’s own wife, this album captures a moment in time, whilst providing listeners the essential stillness of the body and mind. It’s also being intentionally released to coincide with the beginning of Spring – the Spring Equinox. It’s an important point, given that the past two years of fighting cancer have been followed by the wonderful news that the couple now have a baby on the way. The album is Lineages’ return gift to the universe, to the Mother Goddess, as thanks for the rejuvenation, growth and fertility she has granted him in Spring of 2022.

Download or stream It’s All Okay here. Check out Lineages on Soundcloud, Facebook & Twitter or visit the Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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