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Lindsay Cardy Nothing To Prove (Produced by MIIKØ)


As a music writer, I’ll talk about this release objectively to give you a broader scope of how it actually sounds. However, as a fan, I’ll talk about it from a very personal perspective, because music means something all at once different and the same to all of us. I love this song, the video, and everything they both stand for.

There’s a need within this modern world to find and celebrate personal freedoms, to commend unique pathways, to appreciate confidence and creativity combined. This latest release from Ohio singer and songwriter Lindsay Cardy covers all of those bases and more. The song sets off slowly, softly unfolding into what seems at first to be simply a well performed and emotional recording. Before long though, the whole thing evolves into something completely fresh and unexpected. There’s a sudden influx of swagger and power that reaches out and demands your attention. This is the result of both a passionate, talented, thoughtful singer and writer, and a top quality creative production job that screams both professionalism and audio liberty simultaneously.

Lindsay Cardy’s writing style shows a distinct awareness of what works and what doesn’t in popular music, but much more than this, it showcases a complete sense of individuality at the very same time. The fusion is precise and effective and the balance is spot on; not an easy thing to achieve. Adding to the effect immensely are MIIKØ’s seemingly limitless abilities as a producer. His awareness of where the strength within a song or an idea lies is crucial to the building of an effective and relevant soundscape, and the result in this case is unquestionable.

On top of everything, the evolution of the character shown in the video reflects that heard in the music as the story and the song progress. The artistry of it all is compelling to witness, and then in the end – you have a brand new artist to enjoy and admire, and a brand new song to turn to in times of difficulty or when motivation is lacking. The build up and the hook are incredible. Well worth a listen.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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